Neyrinck Soundcode Exchange MXF

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SoundCode Exchange MXF Import lets you import and export MXF media in Pro Tools. It features OP1a and OP-Atom video and audio import. And it feature audio export to OP1a files.

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  • Quicktime Import Component
  • MXFToProTools Utility
  • Pro Tools OP1a Export Plug-in

SoundCode Exchange MXF is a set of software tools that provides MXF file workflows for Pro Tools and Quicktime Player.

It provides high-definition and standard-definition MXF video playback in a Pro Tools video track and in Quicktime Player.  And it provides simple audio import from MXF OP1a files.  And it provides audio layback to MXF OP1a files.

Now you can easily work with MXF media in Pro Tools, the industry standard audio workstation.  SoundCode Exchange MXF Import provides the import features at a low cost with the option to upgrade to the full system later on.


SoundCode Exchange MXF makes import as simple as importing a Quicktime movie.

SoundCode Exchange MXF includes a simple utility app called MXFToProTools.  Just open the MXF file in MXFToProTools and click OK to create a tiny Quicktime reference movie.

Then drag the Quicktime reference movie into Pro Tools and Pro Tools will present the Quicktime import dialog.  Within seconds you will have a video track that is playing your HD or SD MXF video.  And you can optionally copy and import the audio from the MXF file into the Pro Tools session.

SoundCode Exchange MXF supports a wide variety of MXF formats and video codecs  giving you compatibility with MXF files commonly used in television broadcast.


SoundCode Exchange MXF lets you play back MXF files directly in Quicktime Player.

Just double-click an MXF file and Quicktime Player can directly open the MXF file for playback, export, and examining movie properties.


SoundCode Exchange MXF and SoundCode Exchange MXF Import support a wide variety file formats and video codecs.

OP1a and OP-Atom files are supported for video import and playback. OP1a files are supported for audio import and playback.

OP1a files are supported for audio layback from Pro Tools. D10, DV, DNxHD, AVC-Intra, and XDCAM formats are supported.

Quicktime 7 provides built-in video codec support for DV.  Third-party video codecs are supported for a wide variety of industry standards.


After you have finished editing the audio for an MXF OP1a file, SoundCode Exchange MXF lets you lay back the finished audio to an existing MXF OP1a file.

Simply highlight the finished audio in the Pro Tools timeline, open the SoundCode Exchange MXF Export plug-in from the Audiosuite menu, select the existing OP1a file, and click Export.

Faster-than-realtime, the plug-in will duplicate the OP1a file and replace the audio with the audio in the Pro Tools timeline.

Because the OP1a file is duplicated and not authored from scratch, its structure is completely duplicated and you can deliver a file exactly as it was received by you which gives you full confidence that it will be compatible with your clients’ MXF playback systems.

System Requirements

  • Standalone – Mac OS 10.4+ and Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (QuickTime for Windows required)
  • QuickTime 7
  • 48 kHz sample rate only
  • Pro Tools – HD/LE 7.4 and later
  • Video Codecs from Apple Final Cut Pro 7 or Calibrated Software: D10, DV, DNxHD, AVC-Intra, and XDCAM Formats


  • iLok license required
  • 14-day trial included, 30 seconds encode limit
  • 14-day full trial available



QuickTime Component
MXF To Pro Tools Utility
Pro Tools MXF OP1a Export Audio Suite Plug-in

  • High Definition MXF Audio/Video for Pro Tools and Quicktime Player
  • MXF OP1a Audio Import to WAV
  • MXF OP1a / OP-Atom Video Import to Pro Tools
  • WAV Layback to MXF OP1a
  • Codec Support:
    • D10, IMX
    • DV 25/50/100
    • AVC-Intra
    • XDCAM HD 422
    • DnXHD
  • Quicktime Import Component
  • Pro Tools Audio Suite Plug-In – MXF OP1a Export
  • MXF To Pro Tools Utility
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X Support
  • Compatible with Pro Tools 7-11

Simple Licensing

SoundCode Exchange MXF software uses iLok USB key licensing for simplicity and flexibility.

A single iLok key can be used to authorize all tools on any computer system with SoundCode Exchange MXF installed.

If you need to use SoundCode Exchange MXF on one system one day and another system the next, just move the iLok USB key.


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