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  • DataGauss LG


    The DataGauss is the most powerful compact continuous degausser for Hard Drive and Backup Tapes in the Verity Systems range.

    It uses state of the art pulse discharge technology to achieve a complete secure erasure.
    Media that can be erased includes both Hard Drives that use Perpendicular and Longitudinal recording techniques up to 5000 Oersted's and all common backup tapes.

  • DataGauss XL LG


    Brand new for 2014, the DataGauss XL is a state-of-the-art Pulse Technology degausser with an extra large degaussing chamber to accommodate both standard and extra-large (full height) Hard Disk Drives and Backup Tapes.

  • DataGone LG


    DATAGONE is a fully automatic degausser for Hard Drives and Backup tapes. It uses pulse discharge technology and is fully processor controlled which enables the DATAGONE to offer a complete and secure erase on magnetic media.

    DATAGONE generates a powe

  • Degausser Transport Cases


    These new degausser transport cases are used to protect your equipment during transport.
    You can use your degausseur in several places, with customers, suppliers, etc..

  • SDD Master LG


    Maximum Security Hard Drive Degausser with Erasure Log Software

  • SV91M


    The SV91M degausser is ideal for the security conscious, low volume operator who wants to have a professional low budget solution to eliminate magnetic media security risks. The SV91M security degausser approved by the UK Government and meets the specifie