NJ’s Sound Machine explores unparalleled versatility with the d&b Audiotechnik V-Series and VDC

NJ’s Sound Machine are the newest names to be added to the growing list of proud d&b Audiotechnik users in India with the acquisition of a comprehensive new rig featuring products from the brand’s highly acclaimed and versatile V-Series. The Mumbai based vibrant and dynamic rental services outfit hold a laudable reputation of delivering top notch live sound reinforcement services for a diverse range of live events across Central and South India; and with this purchase the company have further strengthened and consolidated their position as a key rental service provider in the region.

The new V-Series system procured by NJ’s Sound Machine spans a total of eight units of the V8 and four units of the V12 line array elements, along with four units of the V-Sub and four units of the B22 subwoofers (plus accessory kits and covers for transport, rigging and covering the speakers). The package also includes a total of three units of the D80 amplifiers to power the loudspeakers and subs.
Comprising both line array systems and point source solutions, the d&b Audiotechnik’s V-Series is the answer for any medium to large scale sound reinforcement application. The 3-way passive loudspeakers all share the same dipolar driver arrangement, while the subwoofers all exhibit d&b cardioid technology. In short, the V-Series is a verifiable recipe for success.

Mr. Nixon Johnny, director of NJ’s Sound Machine speaks about the factors that prompted him to purchase the d&b Audiotechnik V-Series rig as he shares, “We’ve owned rigs from different international brands over the past few years, and have definitely been happy with the performance of those rigs. However, with the sharp increase in the kind of work we’ve been doing in the recent past – both quantitative as well as qualitative – we knew that it was time for us to take things up a few notches. When it was finally decided that we needed a new system, I knew it had to be a brand that’s recognized as a global standard (on-tech riders) by artists and event organizers across the landscape. d&b Audiotechnik is a name that’s synonymous with that description, and that’s what sparked my interest. Having researched about the brand and its various product ranges extensively, I found the V-Series to fit our company’s requirements quite perfectly. And the fact that Leslie Lean (who is a dear friend) and his team at Ansata are the official representatives of the brand here in India, further reinforced my bias towards d&b. After a few quick discussions with them and a demonstration of the V-Series rig which totally blew me away, I knew that this was ‘The One’. So we decided to dive into this head-first without wasting any more time.

NJ’s Sound Machine purchased their new d&b Audiotechnik V-Series rig from Ansata on 18th December 2016 preceded by a training in the workflow of the system, Arraycalc system design software and R1 remote control software, which was conducted by Ansata’s Neil Lean from 12th December to 14th December 2016.

Nixon shares that this extensive exercise of training sessions is what helped prepared the sound engineers of NJ’s Sound Machine to explore deeper working potential of the V-Series and improve the team’s efficiency and productivity. As Nixon comments, “Knowing how hassle-free it is to do business with Ansata, we quickly finalized on the details and soon confirmed our order for the V-Series rig. Being the thorough professionals they are, team Ansata made it a point to deliver a comprehensive training module on the V-Series for our team, thereby equipping us with all that we needed to know about the system before we could even take delivery of it. Neil did a fabulous job at the training, and that’s what actually did us a world of good because our team has been out on the road with the system ever since we took delivery of it. And the feedback I’ve received from them has been nothing but all praise. So in my mind, the decision to go with the V-Series rig was an absolute masterstroke!”

NJ’s Sound Machine successfully deployed their new d&b Audiotechnik V-Series for a number of gigs within Mumbai and outside the city as well, with the list of events including the highly acclaimed Mood Indigo Festival (India’s premier-most college festival organized at the IIT-Bombay campus). At the Mood-I Festival, the rig effortlessly delivered crystal clear audio coverage with thunderous low frequency impact at a stage that hosted over 50 bands across 2-days. Following this, the system was out on the road with the team for a private wedding function in Mangalore that hosted 3 different stages, where the d&b V-Series capably reinforced different genres of music including soulful sufi music and high energy garba music as well.

Commenting about the performance of the system among other things, Nixon asserts “What we love most about the system is how versatile and adaptable it is. Be it rock music or metal or Indian classical or regional folk, you’re always guaranteed great quality sound from the V-Series. A big part of this is thanks to the arraycalc software, which makes rigging, tuning and aligning an absolute effortless process. That apart, the system in itself is supremely efficient and reliable, extremely easy to use and most importantly, superbly high on performance value in terms of sound quality and power. There aren’t enough words to describe how impressed and proud we are of our new V-Series rig! We’re super happy, and we thank the entire team at Ansata for being such amazing professionals to work with. The kind of support they’ve extended to my team and I throughout the process of acquiring our new rig has been absolutely superb. Big thumbs up to them!”

Leslie Lean – director of Ansata – shares his comment saying  “It’s heartening to see how beautifully this family of happy d&b Audiotechnik users in India keeps growing, and we’re super excited to welcome NJ’s Sound Machine as its newest addition. Rental companies owners like Nixon understand the value of great technology and the kind of positive impact that it has on one’s business, and it is an honour for us to call such technology conscious visionary entrepreneurs as family. It’s a great feeling to know that with each passing day we’re inching closer to our vision of educating the industry at large about the numerous state-of-the-art advancements in sound that d&b Audiotechnik has to offer to the market, and thanks to stalwarts like NJ’s Sound Machine, we’re getting there with confident strides. It feels nice to hear positive feedback from Nixon and his team about the performance of their new V-Series rig in the live environment, and we wish them all the very best to come, with the hope of being of service to them in the future as well.”

Nixon shares that the road ahead is all about progress and expansion; “The idea is to grow and become better. Get better gear. Do better work. And grow holistically as a company that provides quality services. That’s what we aim to achieve in the days to come, and we’re confident of doing so quite emphatically.”

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