Mowzz Entertainment brings home Hyderabad’s first V-series system.

The name Mowzz Entertainment resonates across Hyderabad as one of the key players in the live sound rental services market today, thanks to a formidable legacy of over 20 years of providing top notch audio reinforcement to some of the most prestigious acts and events to have graced the city. And in a move that does complete justice to its stellar reputation, Mowzz Entertainment has recently reinforced its existing inventory with a truly comprehensive audio rig from a brand that stands for excellence in performance and quality – d&b Audiotechnik.

With a comprehensive V-Series purchase that encompassed a total of twelve units of the V8 and four units of the V12 line array elements, along with four units of the V-Subs cardioid arrayable subwoofers and six units of the B22 subwoofers, all powered by the D80 amplifiers; Mowzz Entertainment have proudly affirmed themselves as the newest member to the rapidly growing d&b Audiotechnik family in India.

Mr. Zakir Alladin aka ZAK, director of Mowzz Entertainment speaks about the factors that prompted him to purchase the d&b Audiotechnik V-Series rig as he shares, We’ve been in the industry for several years now, and have owned rigs from two different international brands – both of which fared pretty alright in terms of their performance, but were miles away from the kind of brilliance that we were looking for. When it was finally decided that we’d get a new system, I knew from the onset that we needed a brand whose products are genuinely European, and one that is a globally accepted standard (on-tech riders) by artists, musicians and performers across the board. With just a few good options available, the one that intrigued me the most was the d&b Audiotechnik. After quite a bit of research I decided to fly down to the d&b company and manufacturing site in Germany to have a better understanding of the brand, and what I witnessed there absolutely blew me away. Be it the quality of raw materials used or the technique and technology used to bring their various products together or even the quality testing – everything about d&b Audiotechnik is world class. Premium is the apt word really. That visit really put me at ease as I knew for sure that my investment was in good hands, and what remained then was simply choosing the right series of products that would perfectly fit our company’s necessities. Once back in India, we took things further with Ansata, who are the official distribution partners for d&b Audiotechnik in India. Leslie, Neil and the entire team at Ansata were absolutely fabulous as usual, leaving no stone unturned in helping us finalize on the V-Series rig. So basically we had the perfect product in the form of the d&b Audiotechnik V-Series and the perfect support and service partner in the form of Ansata. That in itself is an unbeatable combination – All of us at Mowzz Entertainment are extremely pleased with our new purchase!

Mowzz Entertainment Team at the Above and Beyond Concert in Hyderabad. (L-R : Zakir Alladin, Praveen Gotte, Shiva, Neil Lean from ANSATA & Prakash Savio)

Mowzz Entertainment purchased their new d&b Audiotechnik V-Series rig from Ansata on 7th October 2016 preceded by a training in the workflow of the system, Arraycalc system design software and R1 remote control software, which was conducted by Neil Lean and Jacob Payyapilli from team Ansata, between 4th October 2016 and 6th October 2016. Team Ansata also conducted a 1 day revision on the system and software nuances soon after the purchase took place, and Zak shares that this extensive exercise of training sessions is what helped prepared the sound engineers of Mowzz Entertainment to explore deeper working potential of the V-Series and improve the team’s efficiency and productivity. As Zak comments, This is such a fantastic system that it simply inspires you to pick up your game and bring your best to the table. And that’s the kind of impact it has had on our team. Everyone in the team is challenging the limits of great sound and that’s such a fantastic thing because every show we do now with the system just keeps getting better and better with time. A word of thanks to Neil in particular for this – he is genuinely one of the best trainers in this vocation that I’ve come across and it is because of his great training and excellent approach that our team members at Mowzz Entertainment have transitioned so smoothly into the system. The shows we’ve done so far have been spectacular and everyone’s super pleased with the results.

Prakash Savio aka PROXY, partner at Mowzz Entertainment shares his experiential feedback about the new system as he comments, The system being efficient, reliable, easy to use and most importantly, high on performance value in terms of sound quality and power made it an obvious choice for us. The speakers are exemplary when you consider its output to size ratio – stupendous power, coupled with great voicing and unbelievably wide dispersion and coverage in a wonderfully compact frame. The proof of this lies in the awesome performance of the system at the Above & Beyond Concert in Hyderabad that we recently commissioned on 11th March 2017. The manager of the world renowned trio was genuinely impressed with the quality of sound and with the fact that the impact of the subs could be felt till the very end of the 130feet long arena. So much so that he dropped by the FOH to give us a hug and thank us for the great quality of sound! Now speaking about the D80’s, these beauties allows unrestricted control over the system – be it power or processing – which leads me to believe that it is more of a comprehensive management tool than just an amplifier. Plus, the arraycalc software makes tuning the system to absolute perfection an everyday possibility. And last but certainly not the least, the manufacturers have ensured that rigging the system is an experience that’s not just super easy (thanks to the easy rigging workflow that allows us to hoist the system right out of the box!), but also absolutely flawless (since the software prompts you the moment you’re going wrong with the rigging process). It truly is far superior in terms of technological advancement when compared to any of its competitors – easily a decade ahead of its time – and working with it has been nothing but a sheer pleasure for the entire team.

Leslie Lean – director of Ansata – shares his comment saying “We’re proud to welcome Mowzz Entertainment into the ever growing family of happy d&b Audiotechnik users in India. Rental companies like Mowzz Entertainment who have over 20 years of rich industry experience, truly understand the value of great technology and that’s what prompts visionary industry professionals like Zak to associate with d&b Audiotechnik – a brand that recognized the world over for its unbeatable quality of products. With the purchase of their new V-series system, Mowzz Entertainment have introduced the market in Hyderabad to a new breed of superior quality sound and have placed themselves as an undisputed leader in delivering niche live audio solutions. It is indeed heartening to have nothing but positive feedback from Zak and Proxy about the performance of the rig in the live environment, and we wish him and the entire team at Mowzz Entertainment the very best to come. We look forward to being of service to them in the future as well.”

 Culminating his thoughts, Zak shares his plans for adding more units of the loudspeakers “The idea was to build on this system; go bigger and finally have a 36 box rig; and we achieved it! This gives us a crucial competitive edge in having a truly encyclopedic system that can be deployed for a vast range of shows sans quantum. And that’s priceless! Needless to say, we’re super excited about the times that lie ahead.
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