Electrocraft braces up with the AVID VENUE S6L.

Electrocraft – an elite sound rental company, have recently added two new fully loaded AVID VENUE S6L mixing systems to their inventory, incorporating unparalleled dexterity and never before experienced power to their arsenal.

Over time, AVID’s VENUE S6L has asserted itself as a ‘must-have’ piece of technology across the global live sound fraternity owing to its unmatched performance prowess. As the world’s first true comprehensive live mixing system, the flagship VENUE S6L delivers unprecedented processing capabilities with over 300 processing channels, and unrelenting performance and reliability thanks to its advanced engine design; owing to which, several leading rental companies across the globe have added the VENUE S6L as their principal mixing solution.
The Indian market too has acknowledged the prowess of the VENUE S6L, with the country’s most reputed rental outfits investing uninhibitedly into adding the system to their current inventory. And the latest name to this list is distinguished audio rental company – Electrocraft – who are widely referred to as the premier-most live audio rental solutions provider in the country today. Electrocraft has purchased not one, but two comprehensive VENUE S6L live mixing systems – a VENUE S6L 32D system and a VENUE S6L 24D system.

Aftab Khan mixing a Salim-Sulaiman show with the S6L.

For over four decades, Electrocraft has been the audio rental solution choice for some of the biggest events to have graced the country; Michael Jackson, Enrique Iglesias, Mark Knopfler, Bryan Adams are just some of the names in this almost endless list of superstar events. And over the years, the company has commissioned every kind of event imaginable – from the largest EDM gigs and festivals to extremely elaborate classical music concertos to intense conclaves and summits. Through it all, the company has paid special attention to staying in tune with the latest technological developments in global pro audio, which is why they’ve maintained their position as industry stalwarts.


Dwayne Das – one of Electrocraft’s chief engineers mixing on the S6L for a show in Mumbai.

Dwayne Das – one of Electrocraft’s chief engineers – shares that the rental company quite identifies with AVID when it comes to foresight in revolutionary pro audio technology. The rental company has kept pace with AVID’s technological offerings to the live sound market, and drawing reference from this, Yohann explains why Electrocraft’s purchase decision of the AVID S6L was special and unique. He shares, “AVID has introduced state-of-the-art technology – especially when it comes to their VENUE series of consoles. They’ve always been light years ahead of their time, and have been game changers in the way live sound mixing was perceived and executed. The same goes with the S6L. The amazing set of features, the solid build quality, and the unhinged power and dexterity is what makes the system incomparable, while the fact that it maintains the lineage of the previous VENUE series consoles makes the entire process of transition so simple and efficient. For example, anybody who’s worked on an SC48 would find it easy to familiarize themselves with the S6L, in terms of the workflow, features and even in some cases, the layout. And all of this while working on a system that’s unimaginably faster, more efficient and unbelievably versatile than anything else out there. We were impressed with the system the very first time we worked on it during a demo session. Hence, opting for the S6L was quite a natural decision in many ways. And to experience the complete extent of the S6L’s potential, both in terms of feature sets as well as scalability, we opted to add the 32D as well as the 24D.”
Other aspects of the system that influenced Electrocraft’s purchase decision to favor the S6L included the comprehensive delay compensation feature, customizable Stage 64 racks with I/O, power to support over 300 processing channels with real-time processing HDX-powered DSP engine, Ethernet AVB connectivity across all system components with ability to connect to MADI, Dante, or Thunderbolt devices, option to share the same I/O across multiple networked S6L systems without any loss of audio quality, direct support for AVID and third-party 64-bit AAX DSP plug-ins, and the system’s massive mix bus capacity.

Electrocraft have already deployed the VENUE S6L 32D system for a few large scale events; one of them being the sold out concert of superstar Bollywood composer duo Salim-Sulaiman at Laxmi Lawns in Pune, which drew an attendance of approximately 10000 people.
Yohann Fernandes – who is also a chief audio engineer at Electrocraft – affirms that the show culminated successfully as expected, and his experiential feedback enumerates, “We were working an extremely tight schedule for this show, and this is exactly where we experienced how efficient the system really is in terms of setup and sound checks. A quick run through and we were pretty much good to go. Working in action during the show, some key features like gain tracking really impressed us all. Plus, the systems extremely efficient layers and screens and incredibly efficient DSP engine made working through any scenario quite easy. Finally, the fact that the system sports AVID’s software that we’re all familiar with, made it an absolute breeze to navigate around the new surface. These according to me were the highlights of working with the S6L for the very first time in a live scenario, and it was quite the experience!”

Aftab Khan – FOH engineer to Salim-Sulaiman working the S6L.

Aftab Khan – FOH engineer to Salim-Sulaiman, talks about his experience of working the S6L for the very first time as he comments, “This was the first time for me working on the S6L, and I was really impressed. Familiarizing yourself with the board is quite easy, especially if you’ve worked on any of the VENUE consoles earlier. That apart, the system is really adept and responsive; and the wide range of features delivers all the versatility that an engineer would ever need to recreate just the perfect sound. This really is a great mixing system.”
While the long list of incredible features did play a key role in impressing the decision makers at Electrocraft to favor the VENUE S6L over the competition; another important aspect proved to be AVID’s representation in India, through Bangalore based reputed distributors ANSATA. Reputed for its high standards in sales/post sales service and technical support value, ANSATA has been recorded to definitively add great value to AVID’s presence in India.
Roger Drego, director of Electrocraft and iconic live sound stalwart in India stated, “We’ve worked with Leslie and his team at ANSATA several times before, and we’ve known them to be a company that has always maintained high standards; be it the great range of products that they represent or the sales experience or the impeccable quality of service and technical support that they render. In addition to the impressive pre-sales and sales experience, they also provided our team with extremely helpful training support. When you invest into next generation technology, it’s important that you work with good people who know their technology and are able to back you up on anything whenever needed. That’s what we opted for when choosing to purchase the VENUE S6L from ANSATA.”
Leslie Lean of ANSATA Computer Systems reciprocates the appreciation as he quoted, “With the purchase of the AVID VENUE S6L systems, Electrocraft has undoubtedly upped the ante for live sound in India. The VENUE S6L will help team Electrocraft in solving challenges of even the most demanding live sound productions, and deliver only the best sound quality, while enjoying familiar VENUE workflows with total show file compatibility. We’re extremely happy to note all the raving reviews about the new VENUE S6L consoles from Roger and his team at Electrocraft, and we wish them the very best to come.”

Yohann Fernandes – who is also a chief audio engineer at Electrocraft is excited to work with the S6L.

Team Electrocraft exude a calm confidence about their newly acquired VENUE S6L consoles and the kind of role they will play in the future mix of things. As Yohann shares, “When you have the best of everything, you’re bound to have great quality results, and that definitely stands true with the VENUE S6L consoles for us. I guess we’ve only just about scratched the surface of what these consoles are actually capable of doing in the field, and I know for sure that there’s a lot more we can expect to come from using S6L in action in the near future.”


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