With an all d&b Audiotechnik inventory, LED Solutions asserts its prowess as North India’s favorite rental company.

Providing top notch solutions for audio-visual reinforcement transcending live event applications across North India has empowered New Delhi based LED Solutions the certainty to stamp its authority as one of the key players in the live AV reinforcement solutions market in India today.

Ever since its inception a few years ago, LED Solutions has commissioned some of the largest and most prestigious events to have graced the gig scene in New Delhi and surrounding areas, with key services mainly including the provision of high quality technical reinforcement services including projection systems, pro audio systems, staging equipment etc. for events of all scales and scopes. Most of the regions’ top live event producers, concert organizers, and chartbusting artists like Sonu Nigam, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Farhan Akhtar, Vishal-Shekhar and many others, insisting on the company’s expertise in sorting the technical solution requirements for their respective events. Vikrant Jain, a veteran of 15 years in the industry as prominent live sound engineer and Director of LED Solutions, attributes much of this success to the excellent quality of gear that the company prides itself in, particularly the audio inventory, which incidentally comprises purely d&b Audiotechnik products.

Says Vikrant, “Quality is everything to us and it’s been this way since the start. This is probably why we’ve always invested in top quality gear, even when we were just a minor rental company off the ropes. While the world was busy advising us to purchase products and rigs from the more ‘mass accepted’ brands, we chose to partner with d&b Audiotechnik because we knew that none of the other brands could even come close to the kind of dexterity and sonic purity that these products deliver. Plus, almost every d&b product has always been far superior and way ahead of its time. That’s why we started off with the Q-Series rig. And ever since the first time we deployed it on the field, there’s been no looking elsewhere. We progressed on to adding a V-Series rig a little while later; and consequent to that, we also added the plush and inimitable J-Series rig to our arsenal. I believe doing so only had a largely positive effect on our business, as we further reinforced our commitment to provide clients with nothing less than the very best in the sphere of professional audio. And when highly respected veteran engineers like Mr. Pramod Chandorkar, chooses your company as his preferred sound rental service provider in all of North India, you know you’ve set the bar really high for the quality of work you do and the world class gear that you use. And we are extremely proud of this!

SONU NIGAM LIVE at Ramjas College. Picture by Shubham Gupta

Pramod Chandorkar, personal engineer to superstar Sonu Nigam, shares his comment saying, “First off, I’ve always been a fan of systems that sound great, and hence by default, have always loved the sound of d&b Audiotechnik products. The fact that Vikrant and his team at LED Solutions sport an all d&b Audiotechnik inventory is an absolutely show stealer to even begin with. You know with a comprehensive system like that, you’ve got yourself equipped to pull off nothing less than magic every single time. And that’s what they always do – an amazing job. Their quality of work is always spot-on, and they always deliver a truly world-class audio experience every single time. As an artist, your only concern is making sure that the audience experiences your performance and sound the way it’s meant to be, and with LED Solutions that is always a certainty.

I believe we’re the first company in all of the northern region and possibly all of India to own a complete end-to-end niche audio inventory from d&b Audiotechnik, and that’s a matter of great pride!” shares Vikrant, as the lead engineer at LED Solutions – Mr. Sandeep Gangwal – shoots on the key factors that influenced LED Solutions’s loyalty towards d&b Audiotechnik as a brand, saying “Power, efficiency, reliability, ease of use, and great sonic quality – d&b Audiotechnik products have it all. Rigging the systems is super quick and easy, and aligning + tuning it is beyond precise thanks to the arraycalc software. And the kind of power and output that these boxes deliver is phenomenal – be it the Q-Series or the V or the J. The fact that you can tune them to deliver picture-perfect sound for any kind of music genre – be it classical, Bollywood or EDM, is simply beyond amazing. We experienced this for ourselves when we deployed the rig for several different shows in and around New Delhi, for artists like Tiesto, Afrojack, Sonu Nigam, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Farhan Akhtar, Vishal-Shekhar and many others, and the results were nothing short of astounding. Not only were the artist’s engineers extremely impressed with the aural delivery; the artists themselves in addition to the event organizers as well, were absolutely blown away with the quality of the aural experience. That, we believe, is the hallmark of a great system!

LED Solutions elite Team.

This claim is notably reinforced by a comment shared by Aashish Saksena – personal engineer to Farhan Akhtar and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, who says “d&b line-arrays are superlative. The tonality is spot on, the throw is mind-blowing and the dispersion is absolutely brilliant; be it in the J-Series or any other product in the lineage for that matter. I know for a fact that the audience will get to experience the true ‘Farhan Live’ or SEL sound whenever I’m working with a d&b system, and as a personal engineer, I believe that’s more important when you want to put up a great show.

Farhad Daruwalla, engineer to Vishal-Shekhar, shares his inputs saying, “Always a pleasure to work with Vikrant and his team – the d&b systems that they use are always a joy to work on, since you can always expect great quality sound, no matter what; and the fact that the entire team at LED Solutions is as passionate about great quality audio as anyone else in the world. Big ups to them!

LED Solutions share, that a key aspect of choosing d&b over the competition is its representation in India through Bangalore based Ansata –who are official distribution partners for d&b Audiotechnik products in the country. Delving details on this, Vikrant shares, “Once you lock in on the system you want to purchase, the next most crucial step is ensuring that you purchase from a source that is trustworthy and pro-customer. Other aspects like great knowledge support, and of course, prompt and precise after-sales service/technical support also adds to the vendor’s credibility. In this case, Ansata’s reputation for all of the aforementioned points, has been nothing less than stellar. So needless to say, the experience we had in doing business with Ansata was absolutely flawless. Leslie and his team are thorough professionals with an inimitable passion for great quality sound, and it really is such a wonderful thing that we share this in common with them. We thank them for their unhinged and earnest support throughout the purchase process, and also for extending much needed knowledge support. We’re extremely happy and knowing our passion for great sound and love for d&b, I’m sure we’ll do business sometime soon again!

The J-series set-up!

Sporting emotions of joy, pride and humble gratitude, Leslie Lean of Ansata shares a comment in response to Vikrant’s praises, saying “Firstly, a word of commendation for Vikrant and his team at LED Solutions. In this day and age, it is rare to find a rental company that is so conscious about delivering a constant and consistent high quality sound performance to all its clients that they prefer to partner with just one brand. LED Solutions is that company! Their decision to invest into an all d&b inventory has displayed the kind of genuine and unshakable trust that top quality industry veterans have for d&b, and how they can only rely on a d&b system to effectively translate and portray their signature sound to the world. We’re extremely honoured to have been of service to LED Solutions, and we look forward to being of assistance to them in the future too!

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